Remedial conservation

BCS carries out treatments to stabilise objects affected by damage that has the potential to lead to further deterioration or loss. Objects made of metals, glass, ceramics, and organics, from the decorative arts to archaeology and to artefacts from indigenous and world cultures are all within the expertise of the studio

Condition Assessment

BCS carries out assessment of single objects or whole collections, in the context of their environment, which identify the issues and risks to their long-term preservation and set priorities for interventive conservation. These can form the basis for costed treatment proposals which are often required by funding bodies before they can agree to support a conservation project.

Specialist Protective Packaging

BCS designs and constructs protective enclosures and packaging for delicate objects which reduce risks during transport and significantly improve objects’ long-term preservation in storage. BCS can provide advice on appropriate packaging and support materials for your collection.

Preventative Conservation Advice

BCS provides advice and preventive conservation measures that can aid in slowing down future deterioration in your collections. We help you improve the environment in which you display or store your objects, help design a programme of integrated pest management, develop a housekeeping programme or emergency plan.

Onsite Training

BCS delivers bespoke workshops and training seminars to staff, volunteers providing you with the skills and knowledge to carry out the highest quality care of collections yourself. Topics covered include: housekeeping, object handling, labelling, surface cleaning, integrated pest management, environmental monitoring and control, and emergency planning.